'Handmade Between Scenes'

"These Felted Bags are unique; all individual one-offs! They are made in my dressing rooms in television studios and theatres across the country, between scenes, between shows if it’s a two-show day or whilst waiting to be called to set. Each bag and embellishment is hand knitted then hot washed in a washing machine at home, interrupting the hot & rinse cycles until the felting process reaches the required gauge. The bags have been allocated names according to the role, show, theatre or studio I was working at the time!

All money made from the sale of these bags will go directly to the MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SOCIETY for research. My sister has Secondary Progressive MS. Before this disease began to severely impact on her & her son’s life, she was an actress too… The only actress I know who even before the audience saw her, brought the house down with laughter just by the way she knocked on a door! " 

February 2017

'Mother's Helper'


'Soho Tote'


'Fairy Bowbells'

'Haymarket 2'

'Everyone's Favourite'

'Mrs Parker'

'Jean Slater'

'Fairy Godmother'

For more information on these bags please contact: bags4charity@gillianwright.co.uk

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/handmadebetweenscenes

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