How The Other Half Loves

'In a strong cast another standout is Gillian Wright as mousy Mary: respect for some brilliantly awkward cardigan-and-glove work, apparently genuine hiccups, a credible earnestness when she grows a bit and resolves to “help” after Bob’s meltdown, and a killer delivery of her last line. Apologizing for her husband’s inability to apologize she murmurs "It’s hard for him. He’s never been wrong before"'.

 Libby Purves. Theatre Cat

And All The Children Cried.

'Gail is made by the actress. It is the most amazing performance. It is really one of the most extraordinary things I have ever seen in theatre and it really brings the character to light. There is a whole lot more business added to the character because of the interaction of the director Annie Castledine with the players and the writers. Gail is played by Gill Wright, who is a well known actress in her own right, but it is a tour de force. The play is worth seeing for that if for nothing else.'  

Germaine Greer talking to Mark Lawson. BBC Radio 4 Front Row.

Religion & Anarchy  

'A performance which astounds as much as it moves.'

Steven Berkoff



Bazaar & Rummage

'Gillian Wright gives an outstanding comic performance.'

The Guardian.



My Mother Said I Never Should.

‘There is a heart-catching passion in Gillian Wright’s wide-eyed grief.’

The Times. 


How The Other Half Loves

'Gillian Wright is hilarious as a simpering halfwit seized with social paranoia. It’s a slow-burn performance that steals up unobtrusively, but by the end Wright has become the dominant figure on stage.' 

Lloyd Evans. The Spectator


Tell Me

'There is a good performance from Gillian Wright as the ground down mother-stooped, slowly writhing and vacantly, hopelessly smiling.'

The Observer



Jack & The Beanstalk

'Gillian Wright is a very funny Princess Fenella, with a compulsion to eat frogs and a voice that sounds as though she gargles with tadpoles.'

The Times